The Block Party and Watercolor Lettering by June Digan

It was a fun and artsy weekend at the South. The Block Party was held at Makiling Park in Alabang last March 28-29, 2015.

The vibe of the place was very welcoming and relaxed. The weather is a bit hot, so it’s not ideal to set up camp until it’s evening. 

There was shops, pop-up booths, free food (from the Globe Tattoo booth) and food stalls. There was also the Type Kita exhibit, and a bunch of arts and crafts mini-workshop.


I grabbed the opportunity to join a workshop by June Digan (If you are not aware of her works check her on instagram). The mini-workshop is about watercolor Lettering. We only have one hour so it was very short. But in that short time, June explained the basics and taught us tricks and answered questions on how she usually does her art.

All in all, it was a very fun event. I love that the girls in our table are very friendly, and it’a always a joy to meet new people who has the same interests as you. So hooray for new friends!

 Group picture of the participants.


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