Do-It-Yourself Watercolor Travel Kit

There are tons of DIY tutorials out there.

I made this mostly because I wanted to bring my watercolor everywhere. And really, the plastic cases are way too heavy especially if it’s an added weight to your small bag.

So here’s a DIY watercolor travel kit, small enough to fit in your purse or pockets!

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A new hobby

I have always been fascinated with Calligraphy. I recently followed a letterer, Seb Lester, and was always in awe whenever he posts his works. I tried calligraphy, sans the pen, and did it digitally. After posting, a friend of a friend contacted me to make her wedding logo (which I will post once their wedding site is published), and was pretty happy with my work.

So, I gave it a go and tried calligraphy.

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On Running

So, in the past year (August 2014 onwards), I started running during the mornings. I would wake up an hour earlier and jog. I did this in preparation for a fun run my sister and I joined in, which is Color Manila Nite Run.

Every morning, I would wake up, and think, “Should I run today”? I sometimes don’t. Other times, I just force myself to get out of bed, put on my running shoes, and just run (more like jog + brisk walk).

For the past few months, I started running less. A bit because of the cold, but mainly because of a change in schedule. On a positive note, I started joining Zumba classes on our village, and it was really fun! I’m now a regular, mostly on Saturdays.

To sum this post up, running and Zumba helped with my confidence. Lessened my food portions, and lost inches and a bit of pounds. Overall, I may be slacking with running, but this will now be a permanent in my life, and my long time goal is to get fit.