Arts and Crafts Shops in the Philippines

When I first started out, I found it really hard to find the supplies needed for the craft. I live in the south, and local arts and crafts shops are hard to find, or too far, not to mention the local book stores rarely have the supplies. So, I’m making this list as a reference.

Aside from Deovir Art Supplies, National Bookstore, and Fully Booked (Note that Greenbelt 5 branch has most of the materials), there’s a store especially for Calligraphy supplies called Scribe Writing Essentials. Although their stores are located mostly in Manila.

So here’s the list for all the shops I found (The ones with the check mark are the ones I’ve ordered from, and are pretty friendly):

General Arts and Crafts:

Ink and water friendly paper

Painting Supplies (Watercolor sets, Brushes, Waterbrushes)

Holders, Vintage Nibs, Inks, and Inkwell

*This post is updated regularly


A new hobby

I have always been fascinated with Calligraphy. I recently followed a letterer, Seb Lester, and was always in awe whenever he posts his works. I tried calligraphy, sans the pen, and did it digitally. After posting, a friend of a friend contacted me to make her wedding logo (which I will post once their wedding site is published), and was pretty happy with my work.

So, I gave it a go and tried calligraphy.

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